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Welcome to Ares, we rent a cars and car breakdown service. Our office is located 1-st Brygady Street in Nowy Sącz. Car rental in Nowy Sącz has small and large cars, limousines and cars on special occasions, for dinner, ceremonial wedding, business meeting, etc. Rent a car in Nowy Sącz also offers "car for free". This way you can use as a result of the bumps out of Your guilt, blame then can you rent a car at offender expense. Our services also include car breakdown service in Nowy Sącz and around Nowy Sącz.

We invite you to familiarize with our offer and use our services.


Prices and description of cars.


Price: 99zł

Renault Twingo, Skoda Citygo, volkswagen Up


Price: 120zł

Mazda Z, Ford Fusion, Renault Clio


Price: 140zł

Ford Focus, Opel Astra


Price: 150zł

Opel Astra Kombi, Ford Focus Kombi


Price: 170zł

Volkswagen Passat

9-seater cars

Price: 220zł

Opel Vivaro


Price: 250zł

Fiat Ducato

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Wedding cars

Rent a car in Nowy Sącz – „Ares”, put emphasis on the cars for special occasions. We offer beautiful cars for wedding, these are the antique and modern limousines. Rent a car in Nowy Sącz a specially recommends Citroen 2CV long version as well as limousines 9 meters for every occasion. Car rental in Nowy Sącz invites you to watch all the cars in our place.



  • Monday - Friday: 9:00 - 17:00 PM
  • Adress: ul I Brygady 75C 33-300 Nowy Sącz
  • Tel. kom.: 694 325 299
  • Tel: 18 442-64-66
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